Millennial Apartments, LLC requires evidence of renters insurance before you may take possession of an apartment. Residents are required to have at least $100,000 of personal liability coverage, and we strongly recommend (but do not require) that you also obtain personal contents coverage of at least $20,000. Insurance coverage may be obtained from any insurance company licensed to issue such coverage in the state in which the apartment community is located. Policies must state that the insurance carrier will provide us at least 10 days prior written notice of cancellation or non-renewal of the coverage. We request that we be named as “interested party” with respect to the required coverage. We will provide you full terms of the insurance requirement prior to lease signing.

  • We welcome and partner with realtors, agents, and locators in helping prospects find their homes.
  • Below is an outline of our policy regarding referral commission for realtors, locators and agents:
    • We will pay a commission equal to 100% of the monthly rent.
    • Applicant must list you as the “referring party” on the application.  If it is not listed on the application as the time the prospect applies, then a commission will not be paid.
    • Payment of commission will occur 30-day after the resident has taken procession of the apartment.


All pets must be registered with the management office immediately. No animals are allowed on the property without our prior written permission. We only allow 2 pets per apartment, and their weight must total no more than150 lbs in aggregate. We do not accept Pit Bulls, Akitas, or Rottweilers. All fees and pet rent are required to be paid prior to move-in.